Spring Fellowship


Registration for the Spring Fellowship will open in Spring 2018.

Brotherhood Conversion

Are you interested in becoming a Brotherhood Honor member? The Spring Fellowship is one of the few times in which eligible members are able to seal their membership in the Order by becoming a Brotherhood Honor member.

Michigamea Lodge encourages all of its Ordeal Honor members to become Brotherhood. Check out the Lodge Brotherhood page to see if you are eligible for becoming a Brotherhood Honor member. There you will discover what steps you need to complete to become a Brotherhood member.

About the Fellowships

The Spring and Fall Fellowships are the two semi-annual events in which the entire lodge travels up to perform cheerful service to our camp, Camp Frank S. Betz. In addition to performing cheerful service, the Lodge inducts its new Arrowmen into the Ordeal Honor, some Arrowmen into the Brotherhood Honor and in the Fall, some Arrowmen have the Vigil Honor bestowed on them.

In addition to the cheerful service and the inductions, Arrowmen travel to camp to have a great time. Part of that great time comes from the Lodge's annual HODAG! The HODAG! is an opportunity for all Arrowmen to have a party at the end of the fellowship with a keg of root beer to go with the fun.

Last Update: 9/11/2017

June 8-10, 2018
Camp Frank S. Betz
GPS Coords: 41.926233, -86.366352
3858 Snow Road
Berrien Springs, MI 49103