Ordeal Honor


Jumpstart is a program for new Ordeal Members to learn more about the Order of the Arrow. Jumpstart your way now into learning more about the O/A.

Next Steps and the Brotherhood Honor

The Ordeal Honor is the first of three honors that can be bestowed upon an Arrowman; the Brotherhood Honor is the second honor that can be bestowed.

Check out the Lodge Brotherhood page to learn how you can become a Brotherhood Honor member and thus seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow.

How To Get Involved

Come to the Monthly LEC Meetings

Attending the monthly LEC meetings is a great way to meet other Lodge Arrowmen and to help plan Lodge events. Plus if you're interested in joining a Lodge Committee, most of them meet at the LEC meetings.

Attend Lodge Events

Get involved by participating in events such as Fellowships, Hikes and the LLD. Many of these events are planned at the monthly LEC meetings so this is a good opportunity to get involved and help share your ideas.

Get Involved with Your Chapter or a Lodge Committee

Getting involved with your Chapter is a great way to start getting involved with the Lodge. Many of the chapters meet in your local areas and hold events that directly benefit your local district.

The Lodge Committees are a great way to meet other Arrowmen. Each of these committees play an important role in helping run our Lodge.

Welcome to Michigamea Lodge! We would like to welcome you to our Lodge if you have just completed your Ordeal or if you completed it some time ago. Use this page to learn how to become more involved with our Lodge.