Chief's Update

Hello, Brothers. My name is Michael Kohler, and I am the new Lodge Chief. I am truly excited to lead the Lodge over the next year. Before I tell you about my visions and goals for the next year, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been in Scouting ever since becoming a Tiger Cub in 1st grade. I am now going into my senior year at Benet Academy in Lisle, IL, and I am an Eagle Scout in Troop 318. Inducted in 2012 as an Ordeal member, I earned my Vigil in 2015. I started out in the Lodge working as an Elangomat, then taking over the committee as Elangomat Chairman. Last year, I was elected as Vice Chief of Inductions.

As Lodge Chief, I have several goals for my term over the next year. One of my main goals is to revitalize the Lodge’s committees, working with them to create working teams with designated goals. Having worked with the Elangomat Committee for so long, I know the potential effect that a good committee has on its members. Additionally, I also want to increase communication with the Lodge by restarting Nutshell News and increasing social media use. Having worked under Clayton as one of his Vice Chiefs, I know I have big shoes to fill. He started the great Wild Wild Betz program which I am now tasked with recreating. I know the job will be tough, but I have a great LEC and an even better Lodge backing me.

Yours in Scouting,
Michael Kohler
Lodge Chief
Michigamea Lodge #110

Last Update: 8/28/2017