Lodge Committees

Ceremonies Committee

The Ceremonies Committee is the team that carries out the Ordeal and Brotherhood Honor Ceremonies at our Fellowships. As you may remember, the ceremonies that these individuals perform are the first experience that the Ordeal Candidates will have with Michigamea Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.

The Committee is always looking for new Arrowmen. You don't have to have any prior experience. You will learn how to perform the ceremonies, make and repair costumes and learn about some of the history that comes with these ceremonies.

Chair: Joshua Robinson
Adviser: Sean Gertsch

American Indian Activities Committee

The American Indian Activities (AIA) committee is the Lodge's official Native American dance team. The team practices on a regular basis and its members create their own costumes and then participate in local competitions. They are always looking for new members and will train you on the latest dance techniques.

Chair: Daniel Loquist
Adviser: Russell Loquist

Elangomat/Nemat Committee

Elangomats are the guides that take new Ordeal Candidates through the Ordeal weekend. They typically are the first friends and connections that new Ordeal members have with Michigamea Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.

The Elangomat Committee recruits both Youth and Adult Arrowmen to serve as Elangomats for the Spring and Fall Fellowships. Prior to the Ordeal beginning, the Committee trains the Elangomats on what they need to do throughout the Ordeal weekend. Often times, new Ordeal Honor members come back the very next Fellowship and become Elangomats to help the Ordeal Candidates throughout the Ordeal weekend.

Co-Chair: Patrick Cavarretta
Co-Chair: Brandon Centanni
Adviser: Robert Steinberg

Communications Committee

The Communications committee handles both the print and electronic communications media for our Lodge. As a member of the committee, you can have the opportunity to work on the Nutshell News (Michigamea Lodge's Official Newsletter), updating Michigamea Lodge's Facebook page and helping to maintain Michigamea Lodge's website.

Print Adviser: Katie Sweetwood
Web Adviser: Kevin Zielinski

Fun Committee

The Fun committee is responsible for planning Michigamea's fun events. They take care of planning the annual Fun event plus the HODAGs at the Spring and Fall Fellowships.

Chair: Chad Dykman
Adviser: Erick Bennett, III

Last Update: 1/14/2017

Committees meet monthly at the LEC meetings

St. John Lutheran Church
18100 Wentworth Ave
Lansing, IL 60438

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